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Sizing, Delivery & Care

Sizing is done using the British system. Conversions are below:

Small - UK, Aus & NZ: K | EUR:50 | USA & Canada: 5 1/4 

Medium - UK, Aus & NZ: N | EUR:54 | USA & Canada: 6 3/4

Large - UK, Aus & NZ: Q | EUR:58 | USA & Canada: 8 1/4

Extra Large - UK, Aus & NZ: T | EUR:61 | USA & Canada: 9 3/4 (recommended for men.)

Custom sizing is available, but during the current COVID19 conditions, it may be challenging to source my recycled metal as quickly as usual. Please contact Lyd for an accurate time frame.

Delivery takes approximately 7-9 days for Europe and 10-14 days for worldwide delivery. During the COVID19 period, please have patience as some shipments may be impacted by external factors. Nonetheless, your custom is greatly appreciated and Lyd will work efficiently from her end. Read more about how Musa Mundi is working through COVID19 here.

Returns can be tricky for a small artisan production which doesn't have free shipping options. Please treat the sale as final and select your sizing with care. 

Care for your piece of jewellery the same way you would care for a work of art and it will stay with you for many years to come! No need to wash with soap or bathe in water. If your silver piece turns a dull grey, this is because it has likely been exposed to oxygen without regular wear. In this case, it can be polished with a rough cotton cloth and should shine bright again. Be weary of washing the silver in water with sulphur content (hot springs and such) as this will also turn it a dull grey. Nonetheless, contact Lyd should you have any doubts.