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A symbol of the nature of karma. What is projected outwards eventually returns and repeats itself. If you love, that love will come back and penetrate your very being, in the same way, if you send hatred out from the heart, it will come back in full force.

A reminder to make conscious actions rather than impulsive reactions, as you seek to remove destructive behavioural patterns. The universe needs more peace, compassion and love and it starts with each of us.

Uber Eco Design: hand formed without gas.

Available in certified recycled silver or certified recycled 9ct solid gold.
Note: Gold is made to order and has a two week turnaround.

How to wear: when placed in the ear, one circle will be forward facing and the other will hang at the back of the ear. You just thread them through your ear hole and keep pushing them through until the bridge between the two circles rests through the pierced hole. This is a really unique contemporary design and market attendees tend to get quite excited!